It is my intention and policy as the administrator of this site to protect the privacy of anyone and everyone who contributes in any way.

If you submit a story to me, and wish your identity to be concealed I will do so. In addition, once our conversation is over and before your submission hits the web page I will delete from my records all your e-mails.

Even if you have never posted to the site, if you want your e-mail purged just send me an e-mail that says "purge please" and I will delete all e-mails from the address that sent me the purge request.

By default I will not post someone's name, unless they are a lawyer, have contacted me on company letterhead, and have not requested me to conceal their identity. Any and all e-mails from Arent Fox will be posted, with the agent's name and e-mail address. Farmers employees e-mails will always be posted, but the name concealed (so long as not abusive in content), unless I receive permission to post otherwise.

If you e-mailed me long ago and changed you mind, don't worry. I regularly delete old mail anyway, so half the time you e-mail me a purge request likely I'll have nothing to do :-)

About the IP address shown on the main page:
An IP address is how your computer access the internet. Without being too geeky, it uses the IP address along with it's request for a web page. That is how my server knows where to send the page back. While I do track IP addresses in the server logs I don't track anything else. Certain countries have specific ranges of addresses, as do Internet Service Providers. I lump all this data together to see where people are visiting my site from. I have a small script that runs every time the main page loads, it looks to see if you have a "special address", if you do it updates the appropriate "last visited by" counter. Thatís how I know when Farmers or Arent Fox visits.

That's it for privacy. All I can promise is to do my best. I make no guarantees whatsoever (just to cover my a**).

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