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A third party look

"Here is an interesting look from someone who works inside Farmers as a support tech. Though he has positive things to say about Farmers he's still backing this site and its right to exist.


In 2001 I started working with Farmers as a third party PC tech. Every agent runs his or her own office and must find his or her own PC tech support like he or she must find his or her own CPA. Of course, Farmers says they will support each office, until they actually have to.

So, I get an interesting view of the Farmers world. I get to know the agents. Although some are real characters (like the one who is washed up with the mob), and some are very paranoid ("special hardware" to avoid phone taps), the majority are great people. The people that you see when you walk into an office with a Farmers sign on it, generally speaking, are wonderful. I am glad to be doing business with these folks.

That's not to say the company itself is a great company to deal with. If you were to ask any FIG agent off the record, I am sure they will tell you horror stories. This backend group is who denies claims, tells you that you that you can't get any money, kills your insurance because your house got hit by a tornado even after you have paid more over the years then what you are getting out of it at the time! The agents also have to deal with this bull and they know how annoying it can be.

I am told this is why it is important to have a great insurance agent. This way, you don't have to fight Farmers over $200. You let your insurance agent, from any company, fight the backend folks at Farmers.

I don't know the dirty details of who owns what in this crazy company. Heck, it is hard enough keeping with their CRAZY IT program! However, I do know there have been a lot of buys and sells. Zurich, Foremost, Farmers, etc. Its a mess. Just like any other business these days, Farmers is out to save every penny and that is where this bad customer service comes from. It doesn't make it right. However, one has to realize this isn't some pencil pusher seeking revenge for the swirley the other boys gave him in the junior high locker room. This is penny pinching, plain and simple. This time, something more then a penny got pinched.

I like Farmers. I have Auto, Life, and Renters insurance through them. I will be doing some investing with the help of a great agent I know soon. However, it sounds like the starter of this site got really screwed by him. To that I say keep fighting the good fight. More power to you! Stand strong against silly C&D letters. Sites like this are one of the few avenues we have for keeping companies honest.

Anon "

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